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Jewelry Tips!

I found this article online and wanted to share!

How to Select Right Jewelry for Your self
By Anjali S

How to Select the Right Jewelry for Yourself!

We all love jewelry but we should know what kind of jewelry suits us the Best.Selecting right jewelry which well enhance your beauty more.

For Petite Women (5’4″ and under): Your best bet for a shorter gal is a collar length or a little longer necklace. A longer necklace can elongate the look. Smaller pendants look better on skinny petite women.

Average Women (5’4″ to 5’7″): The “average” woman can pretty much rock any necklace that she desires. Pick a necklace that is a little higher on the neck around the collar bone for full busted women.

Tall Women(Over 5’7″): Necklaces with huge pendants. A woman that is tall and slim (lucky girl!) looks good in a choker too because it decompress height.

The combination of inner and outer beauty is the best. Remember to match the style and color of your jewelry to your outfit and to the occasion. Be comfortable in what you wear and your elegance will shine through. Thanks for your precious Time , I hope you find this article helpful. Enjoy!!


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