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Jewelry Tips!

I found this article online and wanted to share!

How to Select Right Jewelry for Your self
By Anjali S

How to Select the Right Jewelry for Yourself!

We all love jewelry but we should know what kind of jewelry suits us the Best.Selecting right jewelry which well enhance your beauty more.

For Petite Women (5’4″ and under): Your best bet for a shorter gal is a collar length or a little longer necklace. A longer necklace can elongate the look. Smaller pendants look better on skinny petite women.

Average Women (5’4″ to 5’7″): The “average” woman can pretty much rock any necklace that she desires. Pick a necklace that is a little higher on the neck around the collar bone for full busted women.

Tall Women(Over 5’7″): Necklaces with huge pendants. A woman that is tall and slim (lucky girl!) looks good in a choker too because it decompress height.

The combination of inner and outer beauty is the best. Remember to match the style and color of your jewelry to your outfit and to the occasion. Be comfortable in what you wear and your elegance will shine through. Thanks for your precious Time , I hope you find this article helpful. Enjoy!!

Tips for the Tall woman…

There is nothing more beautiful than a tall woman who knows how to dress well! However, there is not much tall style advice available for tall women. The best tip I can give you is to keep everything in proportion to your tall size. Since you are larger than most of the population, you accessories should be larger too. Here are a few great tips on what accessories look best on tall women.

Tall women look terrific in large hoop earrings, and dangling long earrings. Never wear stud earrings or small hoops as they will look out of proportion with your face and will only make you look larger.

Long necklaces are especially flattering on tall women. You can definitely pull off a chunky bead necklace or a necklace with a funky large pendant. Long layers of pearls wrapped into several strand look stunning on tall women.

As far as bags and wallets go, the bigger the better. Tall women carrying little purses, look terrible! When choosing a bag, remember the 3 B’s – big, bright, or bodacious. You can get away with any style of bag as long as it is long or wide. If you choose a pattern on your bag or purse, make sure the stripes, patterns and dots are very large. Solids are also a great option and bright, big bags are especially great for tall women. A bright, colorful bag is a way to add some interesting variety to your wardrobe.

Wide belts are great accessories for tall women. Don’t even think of wearing narrow belts, as this will make your torso look extra long. A wide belt will hide a lot of trouble areas and give you a great silhouette.

Have fun with accessories. They are a great way to add a pop of color and make an average outfit transform into a stunning tall outfit.

LeMars Ice Cream Festival!

II Unique will be vendors at Le Mars Ice Cream Festival, in Lemars, Iowa, on June 18th! If you live close…stop by and see what’s new!

Lots of fun choices!

II Unique

Fun women’s accessories boutique!

Women’s Accessories! Putting a smile on your face! Fun!!!

Hi!  A little background to start our very first blog.    My daughter-in-law and I began II Unique a little over a year ago!  We do fairs and festivals!  We have a Boutique, in Laurens, Iowa, which is a small farming community filled with wonderful people. We wanted to bring City Flair to this community. We started a Women’s Accessories Boutique! We have so many Unique different items to show you. I am going to be posting photos! Just wanting to introduce ourselves, for now and will follow up with more, later!